Monday 27 August 2012

Down Deeper Part Two: The Return

On Saturday the 26th of May I took park in #DownDIPA a night where like minded beer maniacs cracked open several bottles of double IPA and shared the combined experience through Twitter. The night was organised by Simon, founder of CAMRGB and to complete the experience Arbor Ales of Bristol had brewed a double IPA for the event which was christened ‘Down Deeper’ and the excellent label artwork was designed by Simon himself.

There was an agreement that although on the night our bottles of Down Deeper tasted great that something wasn’t quite right due to the beer not having enough time to condition in the bottle. Simon was very kind to ask me if I wanted to write a follow up review after we had allowed our remaining bottles to age sufficiently which he has now published on the CAMRGB blog here. Before reading on you might like to read my original review to give you a bit of context which you can find here.

Thanks again to Simon of CAMRGB for inviting me to write for his awesome organization and as membership is free I’d highly advise becoming a member yourself which you can do by clicking here.

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