Sunday 28 October 2012

The 2012 CAMRGB London Xmas Twissup

While I was in Colorado last month I realised that I had almost reached the personal milestone of 50 blog posts and as my writing tends to be on the verbose side I viewed this as a large personal achievement. I was thinking about what I wanted to write about for this, my 50th post and what dawned on me was how blogging about beer has brought me closer to a fantastic bunch of individuals who are as loopy about beer as I am. I thought a lot about how I wanted to say this but then I thought, wouldn't it be great to try and organise some kind of meet up around the Christmas period so that I can tell them all to their various faces...

When I got back from America I contacted Simon, founder of the Campaign for Really Good Beer, of which I am a proud member, about organising a Christmas craft beer pub crawl of epic proportions. North London has been my home for seven years and it has become host to a burgeoning craft beer scene over the last couple of years, I simply couldn't think of a better place for this event to occur. Emails were exchanged, tweets were sent and with that the cogs of CRAFT began to grind steadily into motion.

So without further ado I would like to invite one and all to the 2012 CAMRGB London Xmas Twissup! You don't need to be a CAMRGB member to participate but considering that membership is free then I don't think it would hurt to join now, would it? The plan is as follows (apart from the initial meet all times are approximate): 

 *EDIT - Schedule has been updated as of 30/11/2012*

4PM: Meet at The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak, NW5 1LE

6PM: Arrive at Brewdog Camden, Camden Town, NW1 0AG

9PM: Stumble into the Euston Tap, Euston Road, NW1 2EF

There will be cool stuff happening at each of these venues! Massive thanks to Simon as to be honest he has done ALL of the hard work here but we can (hopefully!) promise some extra cool stuff happening at each stop but hey, what's cooler than drinking excellent craft beer with friends in a great bar?

Bring a bottle and take part in a Secret Santa! If you are coming to the Euston Tap then please bring a wrapped bottle of beer for an EPIC game of pass the parcel!

We hope to see you there! If you would like any more information then please leave a comment or harass me on twitter; @totalcurtis. 


  1. shame its not the following saturday, I'm in town then!

    1. Ah, that is a shame but I'm hoping that if it's successful to try and do it again next year and maybe not wait until Xmas!

  2. Hi Matt - yes, I arrive in London that day! I already have an afternoon commitment, but I will be able to join you at Brewdog around 8 pm. That's if you can still recognize me by then... Please let me know if there's any particular rarities you want me to bring from Wilbur's or Odells!

    1. Dad, you're welcome to bring as much as you like from Wilbur's or Odells, it'll be great to have you along for the ride!

  3. This sounds like it has the makings of an epic crawl. Though nearly all the crawls I've ever been on in the states were centered around quantity and perseverance, where a twissup seems to be an appreciation of great beers. I'd never heard the term "twissup" before. I would love to go sometime. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

    1. Thanks! The term is a combination of 'Pissup' which means to get drunk (pissed means something totally different in the US and the UK!) and tweetup, as in to meet people from Twitter. Despite the term It is more about people coming together to appreciate some great beers but as is the case with these things I'm sure we'll end up getting quite drunk too. I'll be sure to post some photos, thanks for commenting!

  4. Sounds like good fun. This Saturday though, I'll be having fun doing a Google+ collaboration review with 8 other Great British beer reviewers. Link-!/photo.php?fbid=389003124518527&set=a.165466176872224.42994.100002265279070&type=1&theater
    Try to have a look in and comment at
    or on Twitter preceded by the hashtag #QuaffABeeria
    Hopefully this link will explain-
    Have fun on the night Matt and all involved.
    Try to look in mate.