Friday 19 April 2013

Cheap Sunday Tickets for London's Brewing!

Please note, this event has now been and gone and you can read my account here, please don't try using the discount code for future events as it probably won't work!

I'm really excited about London's Brewing, a new beer festival that's been organised by the London Brewers Alliance (LBA) that's taking place at London Fields Brewery on the 4th and 5th of May. It looks like exactly the kind of beer festival that London needs; 40 breweries all based within the M25 who are producing arguably some of the finest beers in the country, nay the world coming together at the hip yet relaxed tap room at London Fields. As well as some more familiar names such as The Kernel, Fuller's and Camden Town Brewery it will be a chance for some of London's fledgling craft breweries such as The Rocky Head and Weird Beard to showcase their wares to a larger audience.

As well as over 100 beers on tap some of London's best food stands will be present including the fantastic Big Apple Hot Dogs, Hoxton Beach and Tom's Coopery plus there will be live music from a host of local bands on both the Saturday and Sunday. Each day is divided into an afternoon and an evening session with tickets starting at a mere fiver, I'll be there on the Saturday evening so be sure to come and throw me a high five if you see me staggering about the place. Worried you can't come because you can't find a babysitter? Fear Not! Tickets for under 18's are free and there is a kids area so you can go about the important business of drinking great beer just like a responsible parent should!

Now here's the really good part: I've teamed up with the folks from London's Brewing and can offer a FIVE POUND DISCOUNT for Sunday session tickets. Simply head to the tickets page here and enter the code totales113 to receive your discount. Don't forget that it's a bank holiday weekend so you have full licence to go nuts on the Sunday, quietly suffer in peace on the Monday before coming up roses on Tuesday.

Hope to see some of you there on the Saturday!

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